Sermon Series

Pastor Steve Cope

IN-PERSON WORSHIP SERVICE and streaming online (Facebook)

  • April 18
    Scripture:   Mark 2:13-17; John 13:34-35; Matthew 22:37-39
    Message:  "They'll Know We Are Christians By Our..."

  • April 11
    Scripture:   John 20:19-29
    Message:  "A Bum Rap"

    Celebrating the Lord's Supper
    Scripture:   Matthew 27:62-66; Mark 16:1-14
    Message:  "Good News from the Graveyard"

  • March 28 
    Scripture:   John 12:12-13, 18:1-9
    Message:  "Whom Do You Seek?"

  • March 21 
    Scripture:   Matthew 16:13-20
    Message:  "Who Do You Say I Am?"

  • March 14 
    Scripture:   Psalm 135:1-14, 19-21
    Message:  "What Do You Think When You Think About God?"

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