Purpose and Direction of Trinity Re-Evaluated

All of the Team Leaders have met several times to consider what Trinity’s preferred future should look like (what our purpose and goal are to be), and to work on plans for guiding Trinity as we move forward. The first steps were to re-evaluate our Vision and Mission statements to be sure that they clearly stated where we are going as a church. Every task, event, or program that each Team considers will be measured against the Vision and should be integral to the execution of the plan to achieve the Vision. We especially want to consider ways that Trinity can make an impact - within our church family, within the community, and regionally and globally. Mission:          Leading people to a moment of truth with Christ.Vision: We will be a caring, growing fellowship bringing Christ to the local setting by developing relationships that will lead people to desire Jesus and inspire believers to grow in faith.  We will be outwardly focused through a variety of outreach efforts that meet the physical and spiritual needs of the community.With these two statements as our roadmap, we will begin developing programs to achieve these goals. Some new exciting things have already been happening – watch for more events and programs to start up to get us out of the talking stage and into the doing stage!