Christmas - Special Offering

Christmas is a time of year when we are reminded to think beyond ourselves. Just as we celebrate God’s gift to us of His Son and Jesus’ gift of redemption on the cross, please prayerfully consider how your gifts can go to help reach the world for Christ. This Christmas, we are asking our church family to give generously to our Christmas offering above and beyond their normal tithes and weekly offerings. As a church, we have decided to give 10% of all undesignated church offering income to missions, here and around the world. This means that we need to take in a little bit more in order to achieve this wonderful outreach as well as meet all of our normal church expenses. (Christmas is also a good time to “catch up” on your tithes and giving if you missed a few Sundays this year.) We will be collecting this offering on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day - will you help?