Missions Team

Missions/Outreach Team

Team Leaders:  Wilma Nicholson and Susan Nicholson

Evangelism and community outreach. 
Target: The Community (those that are needy and those in need of a personal relationship with Jesus, locally and globally). 

  • Develop and execute whatever it takes to reach our community and our world for Jesus. Reach out with spiritual hope as well as tangible items and funding.
  • Plan, promote and oversee all of Trinity’s evangelistic activities, outreach programs, and mission projects.
  • Work directly with Pastor to develop and support programs.
  • Effectively advertise and promote all events (Trends, announcements, newspaper ad, radio ad, handouts, etc.)

Supports: Special evangelism events, Vacation Bible School, local missions, mission trip, ABC missions in Ohio and globally, missionaries in the field.