Administrative Team

Administration and Support Team

Team Leader:  Bob Pattison

Supply and maintain the physical resources necessary to support all ministries.

  • Provide for the building and facilities, maintenance, income, payroll, insurance, utilities, office staffing, office equipment, office and “business” administration to support Trinity ministries. This is the “nuts and bolts” holding all of the other programming together.
  • Recruit and support Treasurer and Financial Secretary.
  • Facilitate Biblical tithing and stewardship education, and personal budgeting education.
  • Recruit and support volunteer office staff.
  • Maintain and preserve property and physical facilities, including equipment.
  • Handle standard “business” functions – accounting, expense payment disbursements, payroll, IRS reporting, custodial services, property maintenance, general mailing costs, office and maintenance supplies, telephone and newspaper general advertisements, insurance.

Supports: Utilities, insurance, payroll service, custodian, lawncare, snow clearing, repairs, maintenance supplies, office supplies, mailing supplies and postage, equipment maintenance and replacement, stewardship education, Akron Area Association dues/fees, ABC Administrative support dues/fees, ministry administrative expenses, staff allocation.